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Background: After a dance-y week or two, and a few too many workouts, my hip got stressed out. Too stressed out to stay in one piece. I’ve got two stress fractures on my leftie. And they suck.

Treatment: Take is easy Chichi.

If you’ve been following me on Facebook or Twitter, you might know about my injury. If not, this is an update to the hip saga. And a thank you to those who are getting me through it!


Still in the ouch zone. No intense pain really, but sore galore. It’s that kind of sore that makes you aware of it all the time. Pain is minimal, but only because I’m being cautious. If I move the wrong way, or bend the wrong way… OY.

I fell pretty bad this morning & caused a minor setback (which for at least 5 minutes made me think I would never walk again). I can’t bend easily, but it doesn’t hurt as much as it did. More sore than anything. Sitting is easier, though the shift in weight means my right hip falls asleep faster. No sudden or lateral movements if they can be avoided. No high kicks. No jabs. No dancing. No dancing. No dancing!


Of course, all I wanna do is dance. And high kick. And run when I want to. I’m a mover & not someone who is easily relaxed. Sitting on the couch is NOT my favorite thing to do. Neither is moving slowly. I feel trapped a bit, but REALLY trying to focus on the positive. It’s HARD! I think it’s easier for people who are better at relaxing to take advantage of the time off. I’m in fitness hell. I can feel the squishy, but I’m not too upset about it. A challenge for when I’m back to normal!

While it’s easy to get whiny & feel sorry for myself, I’m making sure to read lots of posts from people who are WAY worse off & trying to focus on positive/funny things. I have to CONSTANTLY remind myself that my body NEEDS me to be inactive and that I’m LUCKY that this will likely be temporary. I’ve had my share of health setbacks, but the ones that bother me most are the ones that restrict my movement. But I can still get around, can still walk & hopefully will be back in my dancing pants soon.


Since I’m not working out, I’ve been eating WAY better than normal. I was already fairly healthy, but I’m fueling my body differently to be able to keep my metabolism up & the scale (moderately) down. I’m used to working out 5-6 times a week, at varying intensity & living an active lifestyle on top of that. No workouts WILL equal weight gain, but I’m hoping it’s not too bad. So the focus now? Healthy, body fueling food. Like the Green Monster shakes that I’ve been having for breakfast. No shit, they ROCK.

Green Monster Recipe


Impatient (!!!!!) but REALLY appreciating the love & support guys. Honestly, it’s overwhelming between Facebook, Tumblr & Twitter. Plus, when I’m feeling extra blue, I remember that I need to get myself better for my Kansas dance off with Fit Mama Training, my Turbo Kick class with Christine Dwyer, playing with my nephews,  & my clients (which for SOME reason have picked up tremendously on the week I can’t move).

 Seriously, I’m blown away and truly appreciative. Thanks guys!

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