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"The Roller Of Doom"

After 3 seasons, I FINALLY got to the point where I can watch Walking Dead and still get a good night’s sleep. Generally, cool with zombies, vampires and other scary creatures now. But this?
THIS TERRIFIES ME, lol. Having an averse physical reaction JUST looking at it today.

Oh, the PAIN. IT Band torture. Hurts soooo good.  :)

I sometimes get asked about the ridges in this model: it’s for extra DEEP tissue massage. And yes, terrifying, lol. Beginners can start with smooth rollers (less expensive), but I swear, NOTHING beats the Rumble Roller for MY body. It’s intense, but so very effective (really opened up my back and shoulders).

QUICK TIP for all you rollers out there - there’s a lot to be said about the recovery benefits of this tool. But despite claims to the contrary, it’s NOT the best idea to roll when you’ve just finished a HUGE workout (or are suffering SEVERE DOMS -delayed onset muscle soreness- after a tough strength session). It’s true that massage can alleviate soreness, but it can also further damage muscles that are trying to repair themselves - no good (kind of like massaging a bruise). Regular soreness is fine, but f you’re REALLY sore, wait a day before rolling yourself out to minimize damage TO the muscle.

My massage therapist won’t even touch me if my back is super tender from a workout: her fingers may do damage to those tiny muscles that I just “ripped”. Waiting a day means I’m still sore, but the muscles are usually repaired enough to withstand the massage without further damage, making the release more effective.
(New to foam rolling? This is a pretty handy beginner routine from Tone It Up)
Anyone else have a foam roller? How do you like yours?
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    My foam roller is my BFF
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  7. normalgirlruns answered: My Trigger Point foam roller is my running BFF (after my garmin). Just the right hardness, packs in a suitcase for destination races! Love!
  8. platinum-whirlwind said: i need this for my knee omg
  9. vegetable-lover said: My dad and I use a foam roller! not the rumblr roller, but just a standard foam. It works WONDERS on my leg and back muscles!
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