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ADVANCED: Single Arm Burpees

"I’m bored and unchallenged by regular burpees " - said no one ever.

Well, that’s not ENTIRELY true. I get bored with burpees. A basic or competition burpee isn’t “hard” for me anymore, and I work on different ways to make them more challenging (yes, doing MORE and doing them FASTER is WAY hard. But I get bored, lol. I’m a SUCKER for novelty).

This is a modification I’m still working on, but I love it. I try my best to get a mini-single arm pushup in there, but most people will find this unnecessary (plus it’s insanely tough).


  • Keep hands & feet wide. Helps with stability and protects your shoulder joints. Kick legs back and forward into a wide squat (outside your hands) instead of keeping them narrow.
  • Eyes forward. It’s easy to throw off your balance if you’re focused on your feet.
  • Slow and steady at first. Add the jump only after you’ve figured out your balance THEN add speed.
  • Work to keep your hips facing the floor & butt down (butt usually stays down when eyes are forward, but will automatically pike if you look at your feet).

How To Do It

A. Place one hand behind your back, top of the hand connecting with your lower back. Other arm is loose & ready. Squat down into a wide squat, bringing your free hand to the floor. Butt down, eyes forward, chest up.

B. Use your core to shoot your legs back into a wide 3 point plank. Feet are wider than hips width apart.

C. OPTIONAL: Single arm pushup. No need to go LOW, these are tough. Just a mini up & down is fine.

D. Return to the one arm plank & hop your feet back to the wide squat. Keep your butt down and use your core.

E. Jump up in the air, reaching your free hand to the ceiling. Opposite hand stays behind your back the whole time.


TONS! Go single arm for some parts of the move, and double arm for others if it’s tough. You can step back instead of the hop, take the jump out, omit the pushup etc.

You can also, ALWAYS, just do regular burpees, half burpees or anything else that floats your boat.

ADVANCED/PSYCHOS: Need MORE? Add THIS move instead of the single arm pushup.

BAD ASSES: I’ve never tried these with anyone else before, would love your feedback. :) Anyone want to try it and let me know how you did?

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