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One for me and one for you!

Had a date with Mike Donavanik last night! Extreme sweaty fun times with a handsome fella? Yes please. (seriously, he ain’t bad to look at all, lol). He was nice enough to send me not one, but TWO copies (!!). I’ll be giving away the other copy on my FB page in the next week or so. Details to come. :)

Been a while since I’ve popped in a DVD, but ‘tis the season! As the weather changes, my workouts get booted indoors and DVD’s help me stay motivated on days sunshine would normally do the trick.

It takes a LOT for me to find DVD’s I love or would recommend to others, especially at my current fitness level (DVD’s that actually challenge me became harder and harder to come by). I’m also a sucker for novelty, constantly on the hunt for new combos & exercises to keep me from getting bored. Mike’s got great combos and very intense workouts: the last DVD was awesome.
Got a FABOOSH workout last night and looking forward to doing part 2 today! Will write my review in the next week.
Thanks Mike! :)
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