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We all know about the benefits of getting enough exercise. Exercise can boost your confidence, make you feel energized and can certainly add oomph to your sex life. Not sold yet? What if exercise alone could INDUCE orgasm? Yes, we’re talking Coregasms people. And yes, they are REAL.

Coregasm: Exercise induced orgasms caused by the stimulation of pubbococcygeus muscles (PC muscles) during core or abdominal exercises.

No penetration, no clitoral stimulation, no vibration. Just exercise.

Amazing, eh? And it’s fairly common.

From coast to coast, women are experiencing orgasm at the gym, in their homes and in yoga classes.  Even women who don’t ultimately “erupt”, may experience a heightened sensitivity and/or arousal while they work out.

How does this happen?

Exercise causes our bodies to produce & release endorphins and dopamine, which can heighten exhiliration & feelings of euphoria. Abdominal exercises cause tension that can stimulate your PC muscles, inducing orgasm. So…

(Dopamine + Endorphins) mixed with (squeezing + tension) repeated often = pelvic floor stimulation leading to COREGASM.

Crunches, planks, leg lifts, backbends (yoga), pilates and other core strengtheners will all help you achieve a Coregasm. You can even find a Coregasm Workout at Women’s Health. Click here.

Tips on Coregasms

1. Think about squeezing your lower body WITH your ab muscles (inner thigh squeezes). Tension in your leg muscles helps to activate your PC muscles, gets your blood and heart pumping & stimulates your nerves.

2. Contracting your PC muscles (Kegels) during a workout is key to achieving a Coregasm. Even if Coregasm isn’t your goal, toning & tightening your PC muscles has a MULTITUDE of benefits including better sex, a tighter core, less incontinence and for men, stronger erections & ejaculation control (woot woot!).

Kegels explained…

The easiest way to do a Kegel (and find your PC muscles) is to stop the flow of pee next time you head to the washroom. Mid-stream, stop & hold it for 5 seconds, then release & repeat. Those are your PC muscles. Once you’ve isolated them, you can do a Kegel just about anywhere.

Another way is to get right up there with your digits and squeeze until you feel your vagina tighten & your pelvic floor rise. Boys, those fingers go in your bum. Yes, your bum. Trust me. You can also try the pee option.

Remember to breathe, keep your butt unclenched and work your way up to holding each Kegel for about 10 seconds x 10 reps, 2-3 times a day. You’ll be able to crush Superman with your lady bits in no time.


There is a strong correlation between women with strong PC muscles and orgasm. Women who don’t orgasm are more likely to have weak PC muscles. Not that weak PC muscles mean you can’t achieve orgasm (or that strong ones will guarantee it). Just that stronger PC muscles make orgasms easier.

About 50% of women do not have orgasms through intercourse alone.

Personal WTF moment…

Did you know the world’s strongest vagina can lift 31 POUNDS!!!!

Tatyana Kozhevnikova of Russia holds this title (oh, the Russians!). She can lift 14 kilos (or about 30.8lbs) with her vagina. Yes, her vagina. She’s even designed special weights that help tone and tighten your PC muscles. Geez! Check her out at

Like all things, Coregasms are NOT on the menu for everyone. Although it’s common, it’s still a very LOW number of women who can actually orgasm this way. The stimulation most women need is not acheivable through crunches or leg lifts alone. But if you’re a member of the Coregasm club and you’ve experienced this, well… that’s just fucking awesome, isn’t it?

Have you experienced a Coregasm (or been aroused by exercise)? Tell us about it in the comments!

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