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Weekend Workout: Lean, Mean, Sweat Machine

This cardio workout will leave you DRIPPING with sweat & feeling the burn! Dig deep to finish all 1020 reps! (Waaaapoooosh).

How To Do It

  • Warm up for 5 minutes before starting.
  • Complete each exercise for the prescribed reps, and follow it up with 10 pushups.
  • Take a 1 minute break between each round. 3 rounds total.
  • Time yourself! Go your own pace, but set yourself a target to beat for next time.
  • Stretch & cool down.

My time: 24:46

You’ll need…

  • A Mat
  • A wicked attitude
  • Dumbbells optional

Pushup Modifications

Any modification you like! Advanced exercisers can switch them up each set: spiderman pushups, judo pushups, one leg pushups etc. Beginners can start against a wall, from their knees or on an incline. See variations on the pushup here: Working Your Way to Perfect Pushups…

If the pushups begin to get too challenging, switch to an easier modification. Even wall pushups count, just make sure to push yourself!

And yup, that’s 180 pushups today! Be sure you count them if you’re doing the pushup challenge this week!

My Playlist For This Workout

Lean, Mean, Sweat Machine by Yona Cuna on Grooveshark

Weekend Workout: Lean, Mean, Sweat Machine

Instructions & Modifications

1. 100 High Knees (Cardio)

Get your knees WAY up and work on your speed! Every 2 knees (right & left) counts as ONE rep. Keep your core tight and shoulders back. Stay light on your feet.

2. 20 Squat Jumps (Lower & Plyometrics)

Sink down and back into a squat. Knees over the tops of your toes, butt to the back of the room, back flat & chest open. You can opt for the prisoner modification, hands behind your head.

Explode up into a jump! Land softly and repeat.

3. 20 Lunges (Booty & Thighs. Weights Optional)

Step forward and sink DOWN into a lunge. Bring your quad parallel to the floor & weight in the heel of your lunging foot, keeping your knees over the tops of your toes. Think about lowering your torso down to the ground instead of lunging forward. Push through your heel as you come back to standing. Repeat on the other side. 

4. 100 Jacks (Cardio)

Basic jack, hopping your feet out & in. Stay on the balls of your feet, land softly and utilize your arm motion to bring your heart rate up (arms all the way up and down). Got this? Speed it up or sink it down into a squat jack.

5. 20 Bicycle Crunches (Abs & Core)

Lie on your mat, back flat and hands behind your head. Slowly lifting your shoulder blades off the mat, draw your knee to your chest and twist your opposite elbow towards the knee. Switch sides & repeat. You can lower your leg to the mat or keep it off the ground for more intensity.

6. 20 Side Lunges (Inner thigh & glutes)

You can do this move with or without dumbbells.

From a standing position, step your right leg out to the side as you sink down with your left. Keep your chest up, back flat & core tight. Make sure your toes don’t creep over the top of your toes on the lunging leg.

Push through the heel of the lunging  leg to come back to standing. Repeat, alternating sides.

KILL IT! Let me know your times!

My time: 24:46


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