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My TRX is on its way! Happy girl, right here.

Haven’t been this excited about new equipment in a LONG time. Woot!

I know it’s pricier than other equipment, so I’ve waited a LONG time to invest. I got a chance to try it a few months back and it blew my mind. Its versatility more than makes up for the price: I can use it at home, at the gym or outside AND it offers thousands of exercise options, for every level. It’ll be easy to bring with me when I’m training clients at home and it’s just the extra motivation boost I needed for spring/summer. I can’t wait to whip this baby out at the park!

Some girls get giddy over shoes. I get giddy over workout equipment. Smiles for miles. :) TRX Pro Pack + Door Anchor

Do you have one? How do you like it?

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  2. fortheloveoffit answered: oh MAN i want one! let us know how it goes!!
  3. getstrongwithme answered: my gym has them and i always see the trainers using them but i have no idea how to use them/what workouts to do on them. help??
  4. nataliafern reblogged this from fitvillains and added:
    Yeah!!! TRX 3-4 times a week baby! Pike into bicycle kicks are a biiiitch. Love it. :)
  5. gitanagilliana said: *cheers* I’d get giddy too if I were getting TRX! Great piece of kit- so flexible, portable and effective
  6. ironwarriorstraining said: Awesome! You’ll love having it. I do! It just adds so much versatility to what you can do with home workouts, and the travel option of it is so nice to have. Enjoy!
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