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Desperately needed a good foam rolling before bed! Tough training weeks mean oh-so sore muscles. Just finished rolling out to ‘Roll Out’ by Ludacris: my new favorite thing to do. :)

This video from Tone It Up has great ideas if you’re new to foam rolling. If you’re really sore, it can be painful, but the good kind of painful. You’ll feel great afterwards, I promise.

I had a cheap roller at first, and it worked well. As my workouts got more intense, I needed something with a little ‘oomph’ to really dig into my muscles. Beginners can expect to spend $20-$40 bucks on a simple roller. If you want more of a ‘grip’, you can try the model below (I have the long & short models at home, and my neck/back/IT band loves me for it). It can run you about $45-$75 or so.

Roll OUT!

Roll Out by Ludacris on Grooveshark

RumbleRoller, Foam Roller for Myofascial Release

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