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Whew, long day!

Off to sweat with a with a lovely group of ladies (and one stellar gentleman) for a potential ‘Girls Night Fit' gig (small group training, at home, girls-night out style). Hoping to get a few test groups going to see how I can turn this into a new business idea (get in touch if you're near Montreal & interested)! The 90 minute class includes a workout, 'girl talk' stretching & a quick healthy, do-it-yourself cocktail.

Tonight’s theme workout: ‘Better Sex Fitness’. I’m pretty sure I’ll have a GREAT time, nerves and all. :) Stay tuned for deets & cross your fingers for me!

I’ll be back on later to answer a FEW more questions (couldn’t finish them, but really want to). All of today’s questions have been added to the Q & A With Chichi page, so check there if you posted anonymously and didn’t see the reply!


  1. sibf said: good luck!
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