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How do you stay motivated to exercise when it's FREEZING outside? I haven't worked out in almost 2 weeks (yikes!) because of it.
fitvillains fitvillains Said:

Hey there,

You take it indoors! Workout DVD’s, body weight circuits, classes at the gym or… the gym. Lots of ways to get moving in the winter without being outside.

If you’re brain’s working against you, stop thinking and just MOVE. When I used to have trouble getting going, I would invite friends over to do a new DVD for extra motivation. There are more free workout options than you can even imagine out there: and many are follow along style. Try new things, get moving and don’t worry about the weather!

You don’t need much room to get moving at home: if you can lie down and do a snow angel (fan your arms & legs out) you have enough room to workout. No equipment necessary, just a drive to get moving! Commit to just 5-10 minutes and see how you feel!


  1. rikkimuffin said: It makes me so happy that you suggested ANYONE can be in the best shape of their life and do it in their living room.
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