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Today’s Workout: ZWOD #2 - (18-25 minutes)

This is a high intensity workout that will target your core, back and arms. Use the right amount of weight for you (I used 10lb dumbbells, but you may want to add more or less. Even none). Go your own pace.

Above is the first part of the video, but you can play the whole thing here.


  • Step back into plank instead of hopping for the burpees.
  • Do regular pushups if the twisted pushup is too difficult.
  • You can also try walking pushups - do a pushup and stay in plank. Take 3 steps with your hands and feet to the right. Do another pushup. Take 3 steps and walk to your left.
  • Take breaks when you need to.

3 Rounds Of…

5 Man Makers (Weighted Burpee With Plank Rows & Press)

20 Low Burpee Hops

10 Twisted Pushups

25 Competition Sit Ups

This is follow along style, so just push play! Modify and pause when you need to, but this is a time challenge: try to complete all 3 rounds as quickly as you can & don’t stop the timer, even when you’re resting. Write down your time for your next go!

Kill it!

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