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Hi! I just started following & I love your blog! Thanks for the awesome tips. I've spent 5 months doing a combo of strength training (3 days/wk) & cardio (3-4 days/wk) & strictly limiting my diet to lean protein & veggies with small amounts of whole grains, fruit & nonfat dairy. I've reached my goal weight & want to shift focus from weight loss to maintenance, how can I alter my exercise program (days/wk, strength vs cardio) to maintain my current weight & tone & allow for more diet flexibility?
fitvillains fitvillains Said:

Hey there,

Maintenance is exactly the same as weight loss, only you have a wee bit more room to breathe. Think of it as monitoring, as opposed to following a strict regimen.

What that means is you continue doing what you’re doing. Get yourself some new fitness goals (training for a 5K, training to increase strength, become a pushup bad ass, try new things, take up yoga etc, etc, etc). You can play a little, experiment, and keep it fresh to stay motivated.

The thing about maintenance is that it’s not a destination. You will go up some weeks, and after those weeks, you merely tighten up the program a smidge (just as you’ve done before). I usually suggest that people who’ve hit their goal, stay within a few pounds of that goal (up to 10), and when you’re closer to that 10, that’s when you tighten things up. It’s management.

Maintenance & The Fear Of Regaining…

Body composition is key when it comes to maintenance, so you’ll want to focus on pushing yourself harder and hittin’ the weights. The more muscle you have, the easier it is to maintain your new bod, and the better results you’ll see (they keep comin’). You don’t need to lose weight, but you can still tighten & tone bits: don’t rely on the scale. Push yourself harder: start with slightly heavier weights, harder exercises, try something NEW and simply keep an eye on things. But feel free to enjoy that breathing room: it takes several days of eating WAY too much and exercising too little to make a dent in your overall goals. And if you gain a few, you already KNOW how to take care of it, don’t you? :)

Hope this helps!


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