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Talk about a BOOTY BLASTER.

My bottom hurts just thinking about it.

If you need to get your ass in gear, there are lots of exercises that can help you round out your assets. Combined with a little cardio, you can re-shape your buns & thighs with resistance moves that firm & burn calories.

How to Do It

A. Stand with feet shoulder-width apart and bend over from hips, keeping your back as flat as possible (core tight). Place hands on a weighted ball (or dumbbell that’s resting upright) on the ground in front of your feet. If you need to, you can elevate this starting point with a step, bench yoga block). Your hands should be aligned under your chin, but keep your chest and shoulders relaxed.

B. Keeping your hands on the weight, raise your left leg out to the side to hip height, hold for 2 counts. Switch sides to complete one rep.

Complete for 12-20 reps, or add the move in a circuit for one minute.

Modification: Add a reverse lunge to the movement!

Swing right and left, then grab the ball or weight with both hands. Keeping your back straight, lift your torso up and lunge your left leg behind you. As you lunge, push your hands & weight forward at chest level (or slightly higher). Repeat on opposite side.

Keep your core tight and back flat throughout the move: you’ll feel it in your lower back and a bit in the obliques.

Too easy? Try these tips to suit this move to your level.

  • Add a resistance band, looped around your ankles. You can also add ankle weights.
  • Repeat 12 times per side instead of alternating. You can also do 3 each side, repeated 4 times.
  • Add reps (up to 20), or pulse your leg a few times when you reach hip level. Pulse up and down 3-5 times per rep.
  • Add a heavier weight or weighted ball (if doing the lunge option)

For form tips, check out the video below from Bob Harper.

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