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I have to say, I’ve got a ton of Tumblr’s that I love. But this one tops the list.

Not only is cancer is near and dear to my heart (and body), but it’s a process that is so unique and not one that’s easy to understand until you live through it.

Boo Cancer, You Suck gives people a peek inside the life of someone living and dealing with cancer, with a human twist we rarely see. And shows that it’s not all doctor’s appointments, tests, heartbreak and tears. There’s a lot of love and a lot of life too. I love the positive spin on every post, and the bravery at which she faces each challenge. It ain’t easy to maintain such positivity, and I commend her for pursuing the positive in her own life AND for sharing it with others.

There really isn’t enough positivity in this world. And those who spend their time focusing, spreading and living it make me proud and inspire me to continue to do the same.

I rarely do shoutouts, but I’ve been on her page on and off all day today. Smiles, tears and a hell of a lot of fist pumps for this brave girly.

Love it. Love her. Please follow if you’re not already! Tumblr: boocanceryousuck

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