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Warning: the truth is OUT.

Girls poop. Girls fart.

I can already hear some of you screaming ‘NOOOOOOO!!!! Chichi, WHYYY!?’. Ha! Ladies, you may be able to deny it to everyone else, but I share those bathrooms. And you totally poop! And fart. And (surprise) your boyfriends know it.

We poop before we learn how to eat, walk, talk and even before we know what poop is. So why all the hush hush when it comes to GIRLS pooping? Yes, poop is a gross topic, but I’m not suggesting we all march our pooping pride down the street. I’m talking about shaming poop by insisting that we don’t do it. We’ve learned to think it’s cute, but it could have more of an effect on us than we’d like to think.Example: polled the room at a dinner party this weekend. Average age: 30. Out of the ten women who were there, only 2 proudly pooped. 4 didn’t want to admit or talk about it, and 3 were completely in denial.

There’s no need to ‘rub’ it in people’s faces. But is perpetuating the myth that girls don’t poop making life harder than it needs to be?

Interesting article from The Frisky

“Ohhhhh, the poop thing,” Cecilia replied, the rest joining in with a chorus of nods.

Everyone knew exactly what I was talking about. Soon we were discussing the other silent agreement that goes hand-in-hand with the idea that girls don’t poop — the girls don’t fart rule.

“I never fart around my boyfriends,” Cecilia confessed. “But one day, studying in the library with my college boyfriend, I fell asleep. All of a sudden there was this loud sound — BAM! — I had woken myself up with a fart.”

Cecilia’s face fell in her hands at the memory. She was mortified at the time. Consoling her, the boyfriend said, “I don’t get it, I mean you fart in your sleep all the time!”

I learned this lesson in my own relationships. If you hold it in, it will come out in your sleep. This goes for anything you repress — poop, gas, or psychological issues.

Instead of feeling comforted by the female poop camaraderie, I felt awful that so many wonderful women were all too familiar with the feeling of “holding it in.” I wondered if my friends were representative of how many women related to the secret pain of abstaining from going. How many women had experienced the bubbling, the cramping, the pregnant bloat, all while pretending that everything was fine! Okay! Sexy, even! All for the sake of a man?

Why do we feel the need to keep up this facade that we are poop-free, gas-less creatures? Why are we so ashamed?

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