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Someday is NOT a day of the week; it is a cry of the WEAK.

 via Janet Persaud MUA (Make Up Artist)

Go ‘head & like her page please! She’s got loads of cool contests, beauty tips PLUS she’s a hell of a dancer and a LONGTIME friend (she’s seen every bad haircut and makeup misstep I’ve ever had:)

Plus, here’s a fun FITTIE  tidbit of history: Janet and I used to “race” each other at outside our elementary school when we were 9-10 (we’ve known each other since we were six. I still have her home phone number memorized, lol). We raced CRAZY competitively (but hilariously). We used the bus lane as a track & had hysterical codenames for our running alter-egos: hers was “Animal” (think Muppets). Mine was “Coyote” (as in Wile. E.). We raced ‘cause we just thought running was FUN! It felt good. We laughed a lot. That was how we “played”. When we weren’t digging for fossils, playing champ or dancing.

Ahhhh…. Pre-internet days, lol.

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