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Got a request from muchgreaterthings to make one of the sexy questions rebloggable. Here you go!

Q: what are some good exercises and routines that can help boost certain sexual positions, especially cowgirl riding. Also, are there are any tips on how to do this for us petite-plus sizes? tnx, ChiChi! you’re the best!

As odd as it sounds, you can train for sexual positions like you train for sport performance. Sex can be a total body workout and you need to think about the specific positions you want to improve when choosing exercises to add to your routine. In general, you’ll want to target your strength in your lower body and core (upper body & back too), PLUS improve your endurance with cardio & flexibility with stretching and yoga. For women, the hips are an area that can be especially tight.

Cowgirl is a position that requires great stamina and a strong lower body, specifically inner thigh and quads. You’re generally in a wide stance, so having additional flexibility in the hips can be beneficial. For balance, you’ll want a strong core and cardio will help build your stamina. 

Cowgirl Exercises

Squats. Specifically wide-stance squats. Cowgirl works the inner thigh, glutes and quads. Make sure you’re hitting this group 2-3 times a week on top of your cardio (with weights to build strength). With or without weights, you can pulse up and down in small movements when in the bottom of the squat: this will help build endurance as well.

Try: Triple pulse squats. Hold the squat and pulse three times before standing. Add weights for an added challenge. Do the regular squat and the wide squat (toes out, feet wider than hip width apart) for 12-20 reps. Repeat 3 times.

Reverse crunches & plank: these moves hit your pelvic floor and the ‘thrusting’ muscles. They are stabilizer muscles and can absorb some of the ‘work’ from the rest of your body if you use them during sex: taking some of the pressure off can improve your endurance (you last longer).

Try it: Add 3 sets of reverse crunches (12-20) to your core work/cardio and work up to a holding the plank for one minute (start where you are and build up).

Supermans & Bird-dog: These will strengthen your lower body and core, but also target your lower back. A strong lower back is vital for certain sexual positions (not just cowgirl).

Try it: Add 2-3 sets of 8-12 reps and pair them with ab moves so you’re working opposing muscle groups.

Hip flexor & hamstring openers:pigeon,runners lunge & butterfly. A lot of yoga poses will achieve the same effect. They’ll open your hips so you can go deeper or have an easier time holding a wide stance.

Try it: Hold each position for 30-60 seconds, breathing deeply and only do them when you’re already warm (if not after a workout, after a hot shower). Repeat 2-3 times. 

If you’re petite, that means flexibility is your best friend! Try adding yoga to your routine (if you haven’t already). It’ll also help your core. If you’re familiar to yoga, work on trying new, more challenging stretches to open up and improve your flexibility.

When in doubt, get your partner to help! They can support some of your weight with their hands under your tush, and you can position your arms on their chest (facing them, or away from them) to help with balance. Find a comfortable position for you before you start riding, and work with what you have in the moment: bed posts, walls - anything for leverage. The easier you make it on yourself, the longer you can stay in the position. :)


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