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When I see negative comments on the posts I post here.

I’m not talking about people disagreeing: that’s FINE! We’re all different and entitled to our opinions. I’ll never get upset about that (and if I do, that’s between ME & MY ego, not about the comment).

What upsets me is when I see comments that make fun of others, make judgements on their bodies (or personalites) in an obviously rude, almost bullying way. It makes me sad for the person making those comments, because we project on to the world how we feel about ourselves. And tearing someone down, even on the internet, says volumes about how you feel about yourself and about what triggers you.

This isn’t about calling anyone out, and I won’t. But I do implore you; before you reply or post something that’s mean or even something that you might think is funny at someone else’s expense, ask yourself why you feel you need to. I truly believe you deserve better than to represent yourself like that.

Of course, opinions are opinions, but there is a VERY big difference between having an opinion about about a topic and using someone else’s body to make a point. If you’re concerned about eating disorders, be concerned about eating disorders. If you’re concerned about obesity, be concerned about obesity. If you’re concerned about body image, be concerned about body image. But don’t project that by commenting on someone else, okay? Those are big enough issues in and of themselves: you don’t need to call someone fat, disgusting, too thin, hideous, weird or any number of names to make your point.

Thanks. (Side note: The VAST majority of you are bad ass, positivity spreadin’, amazing people who I’d be happy to have dinner with. Probably not talkin’ about you! But even the best of us slip sometimes. Let’s do out best to be better people, k?)

Onwards & upwards!


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  2. loveyourselfcompletely said: I wish more people were as beautiful as you are; inside and out. <3 Thank you for this post. Someone needed to stand up.
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