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I’ve talked about Coregasms on the blog before, and believe me they are real …but NOT for everyone, lol. Don’t go chasing the big O during your crunches: you’ll likely end up disappointed (but with killer abs). But I’d never heard about ‘Yogasms’ before today.

After reading up, it turns out that Yogasms & Coregasms are essentially the same. In yoga, the muscles of the pelvic floor are engaged. Combined with relaxation & increased blood-flow to our whoo whoo’s, we can create an environment in which orgasm can take us by surprise.

Now, I have to reiterate that this just isn’t possible for everyone, and there’s nothing wrong with you if you can’t bust out an O during Bikram. But, just because your hot yoga isn’t HAWT yoga, you can still benefit from certain exercises that will help with your overall O-potential.

Kegels are an excellent way to tighten and tone your vag muscles, and they can be done pretty much anywhere (no joke, I’m doing them right now). They are specifically important for new moms, people dealing with incontinence and for those who’ve had surgery. They help with posture, mental focus & developing a stronger core. They also have a nifty side effect of producing stronger, longer & more intense orgasms in regular practitioners. (See proper Kegel technique here:

We engage the pelvic floor (or PC muscles) during kegels and yoga, by activating that ‘hold your pee’ muscle & by pulling your belly button towards your back. When we activate those PC [pubococcygeus] muscles, the tissue around the g-spot swells, which can lead to climax.

Even if you don’t pop an O during your downdog, it’s likely your sex life will get a boost from regular yoga practice.

And that’s pretty bad ass. :)

Quick Daily Kegels - Work Your Way Up To 5 Minutes

Time: 5+ minutes

Frequency: As many times as you like…, but at least once a day!

Start by tightening your PC muscles (activate them by pretending you’re holding your pee pee). Hold for 20 seconds, release for 10. Repeat 10 times.

As you get stronger, aim to tighten for 30 seconds, then 10 seconds off. Then 45 seconds, 10 seconds off. Then one full minute, then two. Work on your mental focus.

Add more and more time, until you can complete 5 minutes of a non-stop kegel. Who said only the outside muscles count?

Fun fact: Tatyana Kozhevnikova of Russia holds this title (oh, the Russians!). She can lift 14 kilos (or about 30.8lbs) with her vagina. Yes, her vagina. She’s even designed special weights that help tone and tighten your PC muscles. Geez! Check her out at

Are Yogasms Real? By Lizzie Crocker

“The first time it happened to me I was in Sharon Gannon’s class at Jivamukti, and I was in forward bend,” says Kelly Morris, a yoga instructor with a cult following at the Shala Yoga House in New York City. “I was breathing and concentrating and suddenly, ‘Whoa!’”

At first, Morris was flustered and anxious that others in the class might have witnessed her, mid-yogasm. While most people who practice yoga don’t attend class with the intention of reaching the Big O, sometimes they get more than they signed up for.

Rumors of the elusive yoga orgasm have circulated for years, but recently, teachers and students have begun discussing the phenomenon more openly. Sex researchers are also honing in on the subject: “It’s another way that a woman can bring herself to orgasm without touching herself,” says sexologist Dr. Jeffre TallTrees.

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