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Drum roll please…

Heart disease… Heart disease kills more pigeons than windows, cars or humans each year. Makes sense considering they’re eating OUR garbage, no?

Something to think about! Higher rates of cancer & parasites also found amongst the birds, higher now than even 20 years ago.

Hey, I’m no fan of pigeons. I think they’re gross. But certainly, this information must be slightly more interesting considering they’re eating our food.

Hmmm… food for thought.

P.S - They also are meant to fly much more than we’re used to. In fact, pigeons 50 years ago flew much more often and farther than their counterparts today. Why? They don’t because… well… they’re too chubby. :)

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  5. fitnessloveaffair said: It’s sad what we’ve done to nature and the animals that have been here far longer than we have.
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    This is a sad commentary on how our actions affect everything around us.
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