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I’m all about personal freedom, but I believe that our current food system & corporate ideologies are causing more harm than good. And I believe we can make it better, but there seems to be an aversion to efforts that would ensure healthier foods in our children’s bellies (still boggles my mind why anyone wouldn’t WANT that). I want to make the system better & healthier for everyone.

I have trouble wrapping my head around the idea that people don’t see health & freedom as part of the same package. Having your health IS freedom, the very best kind.

So many of you write me about the struggles you have with healthy eating. Much of what you tell me isn’t necessarily a struggle to eat the food, but rather to identify, collect & prepare the food with minimal stress. It’s very difficult for individuals who grew up without those basic skills to learn them overnight and it can be SO easy to stick with what you know. By exposing kids to better styles of eating, basic nutrition & preparation skills, we can give them a head-start & set up health habits for life even if they don’t amass those skills at home.

Although the show got canceled (tragic really), the ‘food revolution’ rages on. Jamie has

PETITION: “I support the Food Revolution. Kids need better food at school and better health prospects. We need to keep cooking skills alive”


"With our Western-style diets, our biggest problems are a direct result of what the experts call ‘bad feeding’ — which basically means eating a load of rubbish, highly processed food that’s jammed full of salt, fats, sugars, additives and cheap processed meats," The Guardian quoted Oliver as saying during the recent One Young World conference in Switzerland. “Governments around the world like it when food is cheap and shops are full, but they’re achieving this by allowing big businesses to pump out this sort of food and drink in mass volumes.”

The 36-year-old chef also said that obesity should be considered a human rights issue, saying that the fight against it “should be as important as the fight against AIDS and climate change.”
Oliver’s audience will be greatly expanded later this month when he joins a panel of nutrition and health experts during a United Nations meeting on non-communicable diseases. His aim is to make world leaders, in particular U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, “sit up and take notice” of the devastating effects of obesity around the world.    “There seems to be a trend with developing countries wanting to follow in the footsteps of the Western world and copy their patterns of fast food and consumerism [and] pre-packed convenience food is seen as a symbol of being ‘modern’ in developing countries, but the problems it causes are long-term, and costly,” he said.
Nevertheless, Oliver is ramping up his efforts and recently launched a petition urging 1 million people to take a stand against obesity and tell food suppliers and governments to do more. Celebrities such as Robert Downey Jr., Jeremy Piven, Jennifer Aniston, Kate Winslet, Orlando Bloom and many others star in a new video in support of the effort. You can lend your name (which already has more than 750,000 signatures) here!
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